The benefits of your school  LISTING / ADVERTISING  surpass by far the small investment you are making.

It is the wise thing to do as Kenya is edging towards online information!


1.Students or parents who have children who want to enroll or transfer to other schools frequent   this website as it is the only one that lists private schools all year round as compared to other media .We are highly ranked  by major search engines (no1 on Google ) for parents/students looking for private schools in Kenya


2.A growing middle class,large expatriate community,kenyan diaspora and the wider east africa community countries are now preferring to take their children to private schools and many prefer to do it online with it is very easy to choose a private school that suits their children from the comfort of their offices or houses


 3.We provide numerous benefits, including lower costs, robust targeting and valuable customer insights, that are not available through other advertising mediums.


4.We prioritize schools that have listed with us by forwarding all school enquires as received .

We have simplified this website into various categories , private schools can be listed /advertise with much ease.


 If you want to have look at our statistics kindly email us

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