It used to be so simple,you designed a good ad place it in the local newspapers, waited for the phone to ring and admissions appointments to made. Not any more


You may have the best school,the best teachers,brilliant students,etc,etc,etc. But if you are not exposing it to as many people as possible,your market share will be significantly reduced.


Here are some 21st century ways of marketing/promoting your school. 




Twitter is part of something called social media. create a twitter account just for your school.Dont restrict access to the account.

All you are going to use this account for is promotional material ,public announcements ,photos,links to your school website,admissions announcements etc

  .Who should manage your schools twitter account?

   Your public relations staff and/or the admissions staff.




Schools are discovering that  facebook is a powerful marketing tool and for reaching alumni.Unlike twitter it is easy to aggregate all your posts on your facebook site.Its a great place to store photo galleries of alumni events, games and all the other exciting,wonderful happenings and news you want your community at home and abroad to be part of.


3.Market your school Online

Google private schools in kenya purchase advertising from the top ranked websites that advertise private schools only which tend to be more detailed with information than the usual online directories which advertise everything


Advertising  on websites that exclusively advertise private schools is a must this days as they  offer wide exposure to the working middle class, Kenyan diaspora,expatriate community and the wider east africa community countries who don't have time to look for private schools or have no access to local dailies and can do this from the comfort of their offices or houses using laptops,desktops etc.


Go for featured or standout ads which gives your school lots of attention especially from parents and guardians looking for schools. 


N.B. avoid websites that list your school profile,contacts etc for FREE,most likely they do not appear in search engine rankings hence adding no value in your marketing strategy.


4.A Professional Website

 The home grown websites many schools used to publish using front  page are simply not up to the job in the 21st century.

You need a professionally  designed,regularly updated and secure website which allows your community and potential families to interact easily with the school and the members of staff.

Online admission materials and ways to give money to the school are all part of that professional package.if you don't spend the money to produce a great website ,you are missing the boat,not to mention , hundred of potential clients.



 Newsletters are an extremely valuable marketing tool  as they summarize the happenings  in  a school  e.g trips,new staff,scholarships etc hence giving an insight to a prospective parent/guardian of what has been happening over the years.


6. School promotional videos

A school video is also essential for marketing. It should be short  and should include day to day activities of the school,interviews with the school administrators, teachers ,past and present parents/students . Embed it on the homepage of your school website,share it on social media like the schools youtube channel, facebook ,twitter etc or distribute it via DVDS or any other technology available at your disposal.


7. Virtual tours
While a virtual tour can’t replace a real tour, it can be a powerful tool to entice prospective students to come in person or place a school at the top of their list. And its certainly essential for local, internationals students and parents who might not be able to afford the time or resources needed to visit a school prior to admittance.


8.Join Associations

Its also a good idea to join international or national associations e.g kenya private schools association,association of international schools for africa among others.for networking and sharing ideas you may find a thing or two about how other schools are going about in marketing.

Ensure you have the  correct contacts of your school in the associations websites.


To Sum Up

To market your school successfully in today's highly competitive environment require presenting your message in many different ways. Think outside the box and your school will get noticed and enrollments may just increase. 



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