www.privateschools.co.ke  is a web based platform that markets and promotes private schools  in Kenya.



Students or parents who have children who want to enroll or transfer to other schools frequent   this website as it is the only one that lists private schools all year round as compared to other media .We are  highly ranked  by major search engines (no1 on Google engine) for parents/students looking for private schools in Kenya.



Selecting the right school for your child's education is a very subjective process. Most parents are irresistibly drawn to the schools which show well in the national examination results,

But the ethos of the Private sector is to do the best by each child. With smaller classes, a variety of extracurricular activities, top-notch teachers and traditional values, children are not left to flounder.This is simply a natural consequence of the fee paying system.


This website has been simplified to enable you select easily the right school for your child .


Click on the category of school you want , choose among the listed then contact them SIMPLE!



 Suppliers to private schools can now advertise all year round ensuring visibility of their products and services.

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